Claudia Schiffer, born August 25, 1970, is a German model and actress, who reached the peak of her popularity during the 1990s, initially due to her striking resemblance to Brigitte Bardot. Schiffer is one of the world's most successful models, having appeared on over 500 magazine covers, with an estimated net worth of about $55millions

This famous model is an active smoker of cigarettes and cigars. While talking about smoking she declared

"I love the smell of a good cigar, her grace and the feeling that it gives. I am pleased to be in the company of people who smoke cigars, this friendly atmosphere, jokes and laughter. "

Most often, Claudia happy smokes a cigar with her colleagues, including Steven Florio, president of Conde-Nast Publications. "I like to be a part of the general mood. Like the feeling that you are - in the maelstrom of events ", - said the German model. During the five-hour filming for Cigar Aficionado, dressed in a light blue dress from Armani, then dark blue open dress by Ralph Lauren with a wreath of hydrangeas on her head, she gladly smoked a huge amount of fine Cuban cigars - Cohiba Robustos and Siglo IV, Montecristos No1 and 2.

Thin cigars emphasize excellence and graceful hands, a smile on the face - the natural sensuality and fragrant smoke tint adds inexplicable mysteries of its magical beauty. Only one glance is enough to understand that cigars and haute couture are made for each other.

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