Recently a resident of Gloucestershire received a birthday greeting from British Queen herself. She recently turned 100 years old. Lorna smoked nearly her entire adult life and her present amount of cigarettes is a pack a day. Lorna Gobey smoked her first cigarette in 1940 – the same year the country was blitzed during the Battle of Britain.

Lorna has 55 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren and already 12 great-grandchildren All this huge family gathered at a local club to celebrate the anniversary of women. It is generally believed that she lived so long, because the woman always do as she pleases. Lorna's family "never dared" to ask this woman to quit smoking.

Lorna said in an interview "I smoke since I was 30 years old and so far I had no health problems. 'People try and tell you it's bad for you but my family wouldn't dare ask me to stop. If they did, I'd put them across my lap and give them a slapped bum.  'I've always tried to enjoy life. I think it's important to do the things you want to do and not to let things get you down.  I like my smokes, a drop of whiskey and Guinness and I still love to play skittles. Perhaps it's part of the reason I have lived for so long. I never thought I'd make it to 100, but I have. I'm quite amazed really.'' We wish her good luck and a happy life!

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