Early in 2012 Simon Cowell has been reportedly been using his influence as X Factor head to full effect as it's claimed he's even told judge Britney Spears to quit smoking in a bid to save her career!

The 53-year-old head judge has been quick to criticize Britney's nasty habit, despite the fact he's a smoker too! "He smokes but he isn't a singer,' said a friend "He's told her she's ruining 
her career, but she just won't listen."

Britney has been smoking since she was a teen and shows no signs of kicking the habit, during the audition stages for X Factor, the star was spotted taking regular fag breaks. Simon might be able to help Britney on the path to clean living, he is said to have made a New Year's resolution at the beginning of 2012 to quit and reportedly began treatment back in January.

Her favorite brands seemed to be Marlboro lights and Marlboro Menthol Lights. In 2013 and especially this years there were no coverage or public apparition of Britney Spears smoking. There is no sure information if she managed to quit, or just avoid smoking cigarettes in public. But perhaps Mr. Cowell managed to convince Britney to quit this dangerous habit. Let’s hope for the best.