While U.S. smoking cigarettes rates have been on continual decline for the past 40 years, childhood and adolescent smoking cigarettes remains one of the most serious health threats facing young people today. In the U.S., nearly 3,900 children will try their first cigarette on any given day, and research indicates that over a quarter of these children will go on to become habitual daily smokers.

The long term dangers associated with cheap cigarette online use are well known, and it is still one of the leading preventable causes of death in the U.S. Children who smoke cigarettes may experience a wide range of short-term side effects including coughing and throat irritation. Prolonged smoking cigarettes can also lead to increased heart rates or blood pressure, as well bronchitis and emphysema.

Despite government efforts to reduce smoking cigarettes in children and adolescents, many kids still turn to smoking cigarettes for a multitude of reasons – weight loss, peer pressure, to feel cool or to exert independence. Research has shown that parents are the best defense against childhood smoking cigarettes.

At first, it may be difficult to determine if your son or daughter has started smoking cigarettes. Warning signs may include smelling smoke cigarettes on your child’s hair or clothes, an increased use of mouthwash or breath mints, frequent excuses to go outside, burn holes in your child’s clothing or carpet, or finding lighters or matches with your child’s belongings.

Many children and adolescents are hesitant to talk to their parents about smoking cigarettes for fear of punishment. Establishing a good foundation for communication and taking an active role in your child’s daily life are the first steps towards preventing or correcting a smoking cigarettes problem. If your son or daughter confides in you about smoking cigarettes, it’s important to give him or her credit for honesty.

If your child has started smoking cigarettes, you may want to encourage him or her to speak with a physician. The quitting process may take a long time and often will involve numerous relapses. Smoking cessation programs may be readily available in your community. If you are also a smoker, it’s important to lead by example and quit with your child.

Whether your son or daughter has just started smoking cigarettes cigarettes for sale or has been smoking cigarettes for several years, it’s never too late to start a conversation about quitting. Taking action today is essential to preventing serious health consequences in the future.

Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. is currently conducting a research study for boys and girls 12-19 who want to quit smoking cigarettes. The study is testing the safety and effectiveness of an investigational medication that is currently approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for smoking cigarettes cessation in adults.

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