Tobacco sales to minors in Hawai‘i fell below the national average according to a survey conducted by the state.

The Hawai‘i State Department of Health (DOH) Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) survey monitored the state compliance with regulations for the federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant.

Illegal cheap cigarettes sales to minors in Hawai‘i was 6.1%, below the 9.3% federal fiscal year 2010 national weighted average.

The state’s first survey results in 1996 showed a noncompliance rate of 44.5%. After the implementation of law enforcement operations, the rate steadily dropped. Hawaii has managed to maintain a rate of below 10% with the exception of 2008.

State health officials say that with stronger enforcement of cigarettes online laws being implemented, the aim is to eliminate teenage cigarettes use altogether.

Authorities say that it is still important to educate retailers because of the increase in the variety of tobacco products available.

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