It shouldn’t be a surprise to just about anyone that smoking cigarettes cheap cigarettes can cause health problems. The government and other groups have been warning people about that for decades.

Still, plenty of people light up cigarettes on a daily basis.

Now the State of Oregon is hoping that a new series of graphic television ads will persuade more people to quit or not take up smoking cigarettes in the first place.

The campaign, which began this week and runs through December, features TV ads with graphic depictions of the problems caused by smoking cigarettes. One ad includes video of the fatty deposits that can collect in a smoker’s arteries. Another features a shot of open-heart surgery.

“Research shows that most cigarettes online users want to quit but it is difficult to break the strong hold of addiction,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Katrina Hedberg. “The ads are designed to help them break that addiction with clear communications about the long-term effects of tobacco, leaving no room for doubt or denial.”

“It’s not something I’d want my little kid to see,” said smoker Jenna Renfro.

Despite watching the graphic ad, Renfro still doubted it would persuade her to quit.

“I don’t think that got the point across for me. I already know it’s bad for me, my health,” she said.

Every smoker who spoke with KATU said for them, kicking the habit is more about personal choice and motivation than being scared by a TV ad.

“I think it has to come down to a personal decision of if that person’s ready to quit or not,” said Tyler Etchison.

“I’m not sure if I’m ready to quit. I know it’s a bad habit and I should,” said smoker Kelly Wooley.

Whether the ads persuade smokers to quit or not, they are paying for the campaign. The $500,000 campaign is funded by taxes collected on buy cigarettes sales.

Health officials said that price tag pales in comparison to the $112 million the cheap cigarette online industry spent marketing their products in Oregon alone in 2008.

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