November 16, 2006 marked the day that Hawaii became the 14th state to enact a smoke-free law. For more information go to the Department of Health, website for more links.

More recently, five cigarettes companies have filed lawsuits in federal court to counter the graphic warning labels regulation imposed by the federal government.

Since the end of 2006, bars and nightclubs have banned smoking cigarettes within 20 feet of doors, entrances, or openings. However, there are a few places that smokers can go to as a safe haven.

The Waikiki Sandbox localed at 2260 Kuhio Ave. and O’Toole’s Irish Pub are a couple of places in the Honolulu area that allow smokers to remain within the facilities.

The venues that require smokers to remain outside no less than 20 feet from facilities are still popular with smokers, as well. Places like Ginza Nightclub have a designated smoking cigarettes area outside of the club where many smokers gather to take breaks from the crowd and blaring music.

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