The last time you shopped at a convenience store, did you notice the number of cigarettes product advertisements displayed? If not, you're like many other adults who overlook these types of advertisements.

If your teenage son or daughter came with you, however, he or she would notice. Young people are almost twice as likely as adults to recall tobacco advertising and are influenced by their suggestions. By reducing the number of stores permitted to advertise and sell tobacco products in our communities, we can take an important step toward reducing smoking cigarettes rates among young people.

Studies have shown that even brief exposures to tobacco advertisements influence a teenager's decision to smoke. Tobacco advertisements appeal to the physiological needs of teenagers to be considered popular and attractive by their peers. They give teens the impression that tobacco products are socially acceptable.

One in five high school smokers reportedly purchase their cheap cigarettes from a retail store. Tobacco retailers display an average of 18 tobacco ads per store. Since 75 percent of teenagers shop in convenience stores at least once a week, it is essential to reduce the number of stores advertising tobacco products.

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