In a 7-0 vote, Morgantown City Council banned indoor smoking cigarettes in the city on Tuesday night.

One smoker says he enjoys lighting up when he goes out, but for the rest of the smokers, he's not sure how well this ban will go over with them.

"When I go out, I like to smoke, and I notice a lot of people like to smoke cigarettes when they go out, especially at the Sports Page and the Beanery and everything. So, I don't know how that's going to go over because a lot of the kids like to smoke, too. We'll see what happens," says Chris Duke, a smoker.

One the other side of the coin, some non-smokers are pretty happy about the decision.

For one non-smoker, he's happy to be free from secondhand smoke cigarettes when he heads out.

"With the ban on that indoors, it's much easier on the rest of us that don't smoke cigarettes there. We don't have to be exposed to that secondhand smoke, which is proven to be quite dangerous," says Jonathan Miltenberger.

One person we spoke with says that even though he smokes, he doesn't think the ban's a bad idea. In fact, he actually supports the measure.

"Even as a smoker, I don't mind having to step away from non-smokers as a courtesy. It's not a big deal at all," says Sean Kirby.

One smoker adds that not a whole lot will change for him because he's used to not being allowed to smoke cigarettes inside.

"Coming from Baltimore, I'm completely used to having to step outside to have a smoke. It's really no big deal. It could cause problems with pedestrian traffic out front of the bars and everything, too many people standing around near the street. It's really not that big of a deal," adds Kirby.

Some smokers say this ban is enough for them to take their business out of town just to light up.

"I might find some other place to go that you can have a beer and smoke cigarettes a cigarette and get some food," adds Duke.

This ban will go into effect 100 days from it's passage.

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