A new law kicks in Seaside Park this summer that could have smokers paying a price.

Seaside is enforcing a law where lighting up at public recreation areas may lead to a fine and even community service.

As of this season, every corner of Seaside Park's one and a half mile oceanfront, including the boardwalk, will be a no smoking cigarettes zone.

There is no need for smokers to even look for a smoking cigarettes section in Seaside because the restriction covers everything.
Livia Mihalyi is one Seaside resident who is happy with the new law.

"We absolutely love it. It's so many times you try to sit away, the smoke cigarettes comes and you can smell it," Mihalyi said.

The law is so close to going into effect that the signs are already going up at the borough's ballparks and marinas. That's right - no smoking cigarettes at those places either.

The law was passed in Seaside for two main reasons. Seaside Park Administrator Robert Martucci feels it is partly because of the environment.

"Borough leaders say they're taking this barrier island into clean and green mode, encouraging homeowners and businesses to look into green energy like solar panels and wind turbines, electric cars and so on. It's all part of a big vision," Martucci said.

Seaside wants to present a clean and green environment. Cigarette butts choking up the boardwalk and beaches threaten that goal.

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