new cigarette package
They have been sold on their supposed health benefits, sex appeal and flavour. But new legislation may prove the final nail in the coffin of discount cigarettes advertising.

Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon has released a draft of the discount cigarettes plain packaging bill which goes further than the reforms she first announced last year.

Not only will the legislation force discount cigarettes products to be sold in a matt olive brown packet, it will also give the government the power to restrict the size, shape and colour of individual cigarettes pack.

The graphic health warnings that cover 30 per cent of the front of discount cigarettes packets will increase to 75 per cent.

Advertising expert Paul Fishlock, who pioneered the original "every cigarette is doing you damage campaign," said the plain packaging would change the tried-and-tested methods discount cigarettes companies use to attract new customers.

All of the prestige cues of crests, metallic swirls and fancy typefaces, the product has been stripped of all of it and all that is left is the bad stuff,he said.

The Service Station Association and the Alliance of Australian Retailers, which received discount cigarettes industry funding, criticised the plans as unfair on small business.

British American Tobacco Australia said it would begin legal action, saying the laws infringed international trademark and intellectual property laws.

Opposition health spokesman Peter Dutton said the opposition wanted to see more evidence the plain packaging would work before it passed the legislation.
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