he Fond du Lac County Board of Supervisors has voted 15-1 to accept a Tobacco Control and Prevention Grant of $149,980 for fiscal year 2011.

The Fond du Lac County Health Department will act as agent for the continuation of a multi-jurisdictional cigarettes coalition that provides support to Fond du Lac, Washington, Green Lake, Waushara and Marquette counties.

Some of the support is to assist workplaces with smoke-free implementation; developing and maintaining a youth tobacco prevention and advocacy group; and performing tobacco retailer compliance checks.

Sandy Bernier, who is based in Fond du Lac, is coordinator of the five-county coalition.

"We are still fielding a fair number of questions with regard to the law," said Fond du Lac County Public Health Nurse Diane Cappozzo, who added that business owners are asking about required signage and rules regarding outdoor smoking cigarettes structures.

Supervisor Jim Kiser, who voted in opposition, said he's been against the growth of the tobacco control program.

He asked about the funding and whether it came from an increase in the tobacco tax.

Cappozzo thinks most of the funding is from settlement of an earlier tobacco company lawsuit.

Supervisor Tom Dornbrook asked whether a "relaxation" of some of the tobacco control rules is expected with a new Legislature and new governor.

Cappozzo said local businesses in Fond du Lac County seem to be complying with the laws.

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