After completing the preparation and conditioning process, the tobacco is ready for the cigarette. We have arrived at the phase called “Secondary”; it consists in the manufacture of the actual cigarette, followed by the packaging of the 20 cigarettes, of the cartons with 200 cigarettes and the cases containing 50 cartons.

The G.D Cigarette Maker Line can produce up to 12,000 cigarettes per minute. The shredded tobacco arrives from the treated tobacco silos (in 121) and is automatically sorted by a first part of the machine that separates any elements not suitable for production. The resulting material is shaped into two small, continuous, twin cylinders of cut tobacco with paper around it; these “worms” are continuously fed into the next machine, the AF12. The AF12 Filter Adder picks up the filter cylinders coming from the Molins PM5, cuts them to size and glues them to the tobacco cylinders coming from the 121.

The finished cigarette is made. The last operation is the cigarette ventilation that is done by perforating the filter with a ROFIN laser. It is important to note that this entire production procedure is completely automatic; there are no line stops, as even the paper reel is changed without interrupting the production process.
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