marlboro menthol cigarettes

Lots of people prefer the sophisticated flavor of the Marlboro menthol cigarette, but, unfortunately, these cigarettes, are being produced in very small amounts, or aren't produced at all in some countries. Nevertheless, there is no need to be disappointed, as starting with October 2010, Philip Morris launched the production of the new lines of menthol cigarettes Marlboro Ice Ball and Marlboro Blue Fresh.

Marlboro Blue Ice Cigarettes and Marlboro Blue Fresh Cigarettes are both menthol cigarettes brands with fine menthol flavor, and what is interesting about them - the smoker is given the possibility either to smoke them as usual cigarettes or to smoke them as a menthol ones.

The secret of this wonder of fresh and cool taste is the innovative technology, called the "Ice Ball". Due to this technology, customer is not only able to savor the high quality tobacco, but he as well has a chance to turn the regular Marlboro cigarette into menthol one just by crushing the little capsule, situating in the heart of the filter.

This capsule, filled with menthol liquid is called "Ice Ball", namely due to crushing it, a smoker is able to feel the new depth of the menthol taste. As one of the representatives of the Phillip Morris mentioned - customers want to see not just the new packaging, but a brand new product, manufactured with the usage of the new technologies. Marlboro Ice Ball and the Marlboro Blue Fresh are such cigarettes. They permit smoker to enjoy the fine taste of the classically high quality Marlboro cigarettes and the absolutely new and fresh taste of menthol.

And indeed, the newly appeared brands already gained huge popularity among the amateurs of the menthol cigarettes by right. The technology, used in their manufacturing is truly fabulous, as well as their sophisticated and fine taste.